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Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation provides a number of high-quality services that include commercial and estate landscape maintenance, landscape design and construction, hardscapes and sprinkler system design, installation and repair. We operate as a full-service company that can bring your project from the planning stages through completion all under one roof, leaving you no need to contact additional companies for other services.

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

As a manager or owner of a large development or commercial property, the last thing you need is something else to micro-manage.  When it comes to handling the details of your landscape, leave the managing to us.

Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation offers maintenance packages for every kind of commercial property and lets you select the right one for your particular needs and budget. Our detail crew makes sure we leave your grounds looking beautiful and well manicured, something you, your tenants and your customers will all appreciate.



  • Lawn care and turf maintenance

  • Edging and weeding

  • Tree removal, tree care and plantings

  • Hedge and shrub trimming and pruning

  • Sodding and reseeding


  • Licensed fertilizer and pesticide applications

  • Seasonal color design and installation

  • Debris removal

  • Other custom designed landscaping services

Landscape Design and Construction

One of the things we like to say at Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation is that we bring a project “from creation through completion” and there is no better example of that saying than the work done through our landscape design and construction department.

We bring together a number of the best landscape designers, horticulturists and landscape architects for each one of our projects, leaving them all with a unique and beautiful look that you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Full-service design team and 3-D modeling

  • Plantings and installation

  • Decking, fences and outdoor structures

  • Patios, driveways and hardscapes

  • Ponds, water features and streams

  • Landscape lighting

  • Green roofs

  • Drainage control and correction

  • Irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems

Sprinkler System Service and Repair

Installing an automatic sprinkler system for your home or property will help you maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape and lawn while simultaneously reducing the time and labor spent maintaining your landscape, increasing your property value and making your life easier. Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation offers installation and service packages for residential and commercial clients, taking you from system design to maintenance. We offer specials to all new clients who want to have a new system installed or want to switch to one of our professional service programs.


  • Design and Custom Plan.

  • On-Site Meeting

  • Installation

  • Winterization

  • Backflow Tests

  • Repairs and Service

Hydroseeding – Commercial & Residential

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a combined mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, mulch and moisture retaining-binders sprayed over an area requiring a grass coverage.  

When planting a large area, hydroseeding can be completed in a very short period of time.  Results are often rapid with high germination rates producing growth approximately a week after application. 

Hydroseeding is often recommended to control erosion and is also used where there are drought conditions.

Whether it is for a commercial property or a large residential property, Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation works with the customer to create the best conditions for their landscape while meeting their budget requirements.  We are always looking to create the most efficient and cost effective way to establish a beautiful lawn. 

Here are some of the best uses and needs for hydroseeding:

  • Residential Landscaping & Construction

  • Commercial Landscaping & Construction

  • Erosion Control

  • Dust Control

  • Landfills

  • Schools and Universities

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Sports Fields

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Property Protection


Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation has been providing customized irrigation solutions to match each of our customer needs. Whether we are working on a golf course, sports field, municipal building, commercial building, or a residential property our team will design, install and maintain the right solution for each specific situation.

We know each situation is unique and requires a dedicated team when it comes to maintaining a golf course or a sports field to perfection. We take pride that we are diligent in treating the fields and surfaces looking their best. Irrigations systems are crucial to the success of most golf courses and ball fields both visually and financially. We will help you maintain your course and field without any disruption to your athletes.

We offer Irrigation services to municipal buildings, and our commercial and residential customers. Our irrigation systems are expertly designed and installed to conserve water and care for their lawns.

Cerullo Landscape and Irrigation is commited to quality, conservation and service.


We offer high quality drainage solutions for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Tri-State area.

Our experts understand the unique design of each landscape and can customize their drainage solutions to match your needs.

We will respectfully correct any damage done and apply an appropriate solution to resolve every condition.

Our professional team can fix residential and commercial drainage projects regardless of the size.  We will always find the right solution for you!

We are committed to protecting your home, building or landscape with the highest quality drainage technology.

Rooftop Landscaping

We are a full service company that no longer only addresses your needs on the ground. We are here to meet all your rooftop terrace landscaping and maintenance needs.

Our goal is to listen to your thoughts and transform your exterior rooftop space into a unique outdoor oasis

We will meet with you, discuss your vision, create a design, do the construction, and if desired we are available to maintain your rooftop space.

We specialize in micro-irrigation which is a very eco-friendly irrigation system. It uses low pressure and low flow, ultimately using less water. We also use web based timers that can be viewed and programmed from your smart phone.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting allows you to enjoy your property day and night, and can highlight the beauty of property.

It adds to the functionality, appearance, safety and security of your home.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights:

  • Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space
  • Highlight Your Landscaping Decor
  • Enhance Property Value and Curb Appeal
  • Keep Everyone Safe
  • Landscape Lighting Deters Crime

Retaining & Decorative Walls

Retaining walls are needed to handle drainage problems, stabilize sloping soil issues or to help prevent erosion. They can also simply add extra dimension to your property. Cerullo can help you realize your vision, by ensuring a well designed and engineered structure is constructed to meet all local building codes. 

We will also help to create beautiful landscaping to compliment the look of your retaining wall.

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