We all want a bright green lawn, but after a harsh summer or winter, your turf is likely to be a little dull, thin, and patchy. Fortunately, fall is here and the cooler fall weather can create the most favorable conditions for your lawn.

To revitalize your grass, consider aerating and overseeding or creating holes to plant fresh seedlings. Here are some easy steps and practices to follow so that you can get your yard ready for fall aeration and seeding.

Why aerating and overseeding is important?

Aeration and overseeding have a huge impact on the overall and long-term health of your lawn. These practices create holes in the soil so that air, water, and nutrients can penetrate deeply, softening the soil and promoting root growth. 

Performing these routines in the fall helps to address any damage done in summer, prepare for a rough winter, and set up your lawn for successful springs. Thus, you‘ll have a lush and green lawn throughout the year.


All you need to know about fall core aeration and seeding

What is core aeration?

Core aeration is a process where a ground-driven machine, using spiky hollow tubes spaces, removes small slivers of soil from the lawn. The hole left behind allows air, water, and nutrients to reach deep into the ground. This helps to reduce soil compaction while enhancing root growth. 

How does it work?

The aeration machine often penetrates 2-3 inch holes in depth. During core aeration, small plugs left on top of the lawn decompose and provide additional nutrients once they fill the holes – this takes place in a week or two. 

Benefits of core aeration

Core aeration has many benefits, including:

  • Stimulates the growth of new grass
  • Breaks down thatch, which can suffocate your lawn
  • Allows fertilizer to access the root zone area
  • Reduces incidences of soil compaction
  • Eliminates stress caused by harsh weather conditions such as summer
  • Reduces weeds
  • Nourishes and encourages deep and healthy lawn roots

What is overseeding?

Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. It is an easy way to enhance your lawn’s color, fill bare spots and improve the density of the turf. For instance, if your lawn just looks old and worn out or is prone to diseases and insects, then you need to consider carrying out overseeding.

We recommend seeding during the cool season to allow the best possible germination. If you want to overseed, then late summer/early fall is the best time especially if you live in the northern part of the country. This is because cool-season grasses like fall fescue, perennial ryegrass, bluegrass, and fine fescues get highly affected by tough weather conditions, especially summer.

It is also important to remember that new seeds need a lot of water. So, if you plan to have your whole lawn seeded, it is ideal to have a regular watering plan. To achieve good results, consider acquiring seed varieties that are disease and drought-resistant. 


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