Winter’s no time to be landscaping, right? Wrong! You too can landscape your yard in winter and add not only beauty to your yard, but color and texture too. We’re talking all about it today, so read on and find out more!

Gardening and landscaping are not typically done in the winter because this is a time that plants are resting. Flowers and colorful blossoms have faded, and even the greenery that remains may be nestled under some snow or ice.

It’s also not the ideal time of year to plant, as the ground will be frozen. Most people wait until the warmer months to even begin planning or thinking about what they would like to do to create a landscape.

But there’s no reason why you can’t make your yard beautiful for the winter by doing some work before it arrives and a few accents when it does arrive to keep that beauty and appeal rolling from summer right into autumn and winter. Here are our tips for winter landscaping.

You can feature trees and shrubs with berries.
Planting trees and shrubs in the spring that produce berries and provide greenery throughout the winter can add a pop of color and give that holiday vibe (holly with berries, anyone?). Plus they can provide food for birds in the area– amazing!

What about evergreens?
The name alone can tell you why it’s a great choice for your winter landscape. The beautiful green color can be stunning, especially against the white of a snowy background. There are also different types of evergreens that can be featured in your yard and the best part is they work as a great visual feature for your yard all year round!

Check out ornamental trees with distinctive barks.
These trees may lose their leaves, but if they have visually impressive barks, that can add a bit of personality and flair to your yard. Check out birch trees as a start and then expand your search!

Check out plants that last all seasons.
Perennials are plants that continue to come back year after year. Not only does this make them a great investment, but some of them have evergreen foliage that makes them a beautiful treat every month of the year. You can check out dianthus and hellebores to start with, but check that they boast winter foliage before buying if that’s what you want.

Do some winter window boxes and containers.
You can fill up those summer boxes and hanging baskets with winter plants such as holly, rhododendron, the Japanese Andromeda, and more.

Not only can winter be a wonderful season, but it’s also a good time to think about what you’d like to do for next year. Look up plants that you might be interested in or just brainstorm what you’d like to do. There are no rules– only bold chances and beautiful results (if you do it right). Give yourself time to rest on every landscaping decision, winter-related and otherwise, and think about it before moving ahead, and it will turn out great.