Are you excited for spring? Many homeowners love this season and the opportunities for home projects that it brings with it. If you’re ready to transform your yard using landscape design, you may be happy to find out that spring is the best season for you to start. Don’t know what to do or busy researching your options? Check out these landscape ideas to get inspiration and guidance.

Clean up and maintain before starting.

Before landscaping, clear out the yard or property so that you have a clean slate. This will help you see and envision what the space could be without debris and sticks and such in the way. Check sprinkler heads and other parts of your irrigation system to make sure they are not damaged from over the winter. Take care of maintenance such as getting your mower serviced, replacing exterior spigots, and taking garden tool inventory.

Consider boosting aesthetics with hardscapes.

Hardscapes being installed could boost the curb appeal of your home and pavers and retaining walls may be a great project for spring. Retaining walls hold soil among two elevations and will keep a sloped lawn from moving into different areas. They come in different materials, are built in order to last, and can be used in different geographical climate and weather areas. Paving stones can make great walkways and are a low maintenance away to provide practical aesthetic upgrades that work in any landscape.

Add outdoor living space functionality.

Some landscapes need to be used to their potential. Add an outdoor living space to your home and property and add functionality and purpose that adds and complements your lifestyle. Why not enjoy the nice weather or host guests or gatherings? From a patio to fire pit or cleared area, it can be a major design improvement.

Create ambiance.

When it comes to an outdoor project, why not focus on ambiance? Creating ambiance through exterior LED lights or bamboo torches, a zen garden, patio, outdoor water element, and more can be a way to transform an outdoor space and make it into a retreat that your friends and family can enjoy. Research different ideas online and see what you think!

Making Enhancements

Whether minor in scope or budget, check out these great spring landscape ideas that you might want to do. They’ll be easy on the wallet, that is for sure, and make a fine enhancement to any space.

  • Planting flowers that are beautiful and add in aesthetics and even aroma
  • Stain your deck or paint the fence
  • Weed the garden so it’s well tended
  • Trim the hedges
  • Add a top layer of mulch to your beds

Consider hiring a professional when it comes to designing your landscape as well. They can help you with any preliminary planning as well as with selection of materials for construction, providing ongoing maintenance throughout the process. A good designer can be helpful when it comes to landscaping in design and bringing the vision to life. If you’re looking for ideas or want to start an outdoor project, contact us today or give us a call.