With spring just about to set in, many homeowners will be looking for ways to care for their trees and ensure their lawns remain healthy and pristine during the warm months. 

In this post, we share some useful tips on caring for your trees during the spring so that they are in good shape ahead of summer. 


Be Aware of Dormancy 

Most trees typically undergo a period of dormancy for several weeks in the cold winter season. During this period, the trees experience a slowdown in metabolism, growth, and energy consumption, which allows them to endure the harsh climate. In addition, scientists have found that trees block intercellular communication inside the bud during winter to prevent cell growth. 


Check the Overall Health of Your Trees and Shrubs

During the winter months, lawns are often exposed to adverse weather conditions such as sleet, snow, and hail. 

As such, you need to closely inspect your trees and shrubs for any signs of damage that could jeopardize their survival during the spring. Look out for injuries such as split barks and discoloration of leaves caused by freezing weather. 

Remember, the earlier you catch these problems, the better your chances of rectifying them before they cause further damage. 


Prune Your Trees to Remove Dead Branches

Pruning your trees is a vital part of lawn care and maintenance in every season, and spring is no exception. As a general rule, you should prune your spring-flowering trees and shrubs after the flowers emerge in the spring. 

Besides removing dead branches, it is recommended to prune individual branches that cross over other branches. Likewise, you can shear your trees to improve their shape and remove overgrowths to facilitate better light penetration. 


Apply Mulch

The spring season usually sees an increase in temperature, which increases the rate of soil moisture loss through evaporation. For this reason, you are advised to begin applying mulch on your soil to improve moisture retention. 

Apart from reducing water loss, mulching helps suppress weeds’ growth and prevents pests such as ants and beetles from attacking your trees. 

With that said, you should avoid heaping large piles of mulch around the bases of your trees, as this can slow down the filtration of water into the soil. Three inches of mulch should be enough to keep your soil healthy and hydrated during the spring.


Water Your Trees

To keep your trees healthy and hydrated as the weather continues to get warmer, ensure you water them sufficiently during the winter season. 

For the best results, you should water your trees deeply but infrequently so that the soil doesn’t become waterlogged. In addition, make sure you monitor moisture levels regularly to prevent your trees from drying out. 


Take Away

Ramping up the care and maintenance of your trees during the spring will ensure they remain healthy ahead of the warm summer months. 

If you require additional assistance with your lawn and tree care this spring, get in touch with us.