Summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy warm weather with long, sunny days. However, the scorching summer heat can sometimes affect vegetation, causing severe damage to your lawn.

As such, if you want to enjoy your summer on a lush green lawn, several measures can help keep it in good shape. 


Water Your Lawn in the Morning

During summer, you are advised to water your lawn in the morning when the temperature is lower. This is because more water will soak into the plants’ roots since there is little evaporation. Thus, plants will have sufficient moisture to bear the scorching summer heat.

Watering your lawn late in the evening is not recommended as plant roots won’t have time to dry. As a result, sooty mold and mildew may develop around the roots, causing diseases.


Water Your Lawn Deeply

Most people apply frequent but shallow water to keep their lawns hydrated. But unfortunately, shallow watering encourages the formation of shallow roots, vulnerable to diseases. 

Instead, most lawns require deep watering of up to 2 inches weekly, although this depends on several factors. For instance, if you had plenty of rainfall last week, you may skip watering the lawn for some days. Similarly, you’ll likely apply more water if you’ve had a prolonged drought over the past weeks.

Regardless of the watering schedule, take caution not to apply excessive water as this may lead to diseases. Moreover, you should follow your local town’s guidelines on watering plants within your residence.


Use the Right Irrigation System

When watering your lawn, some water may flow off the surface instead of soaking deep into the roots. For this reason, you need an effective irrigation system that waters slowly, allowing sufficient moisture to soak in the root system.

Before settling on your preferred system, consider the size of your lawn in terms of square footage. A hose with a customized sprinkler spray is ideal if the area is smaller. On the other hand, if you’re watering an extensive lawn, you’ll need to install a custom irrigation system with attached sprinklers.

You can also install an automatic timer on the system to help you track your watering cycles. An automatic timer also minimizes water wastage and allows you to water your lawn only when you want.


Mulch Your Lawn

A layer of mulch can play a significant role in keeping your lawn hydrated during summer. The mulch acts as a barrier between the lawn and the intense sun rays. It prevents evaporation and helps with moisture retention. If you can’t find organic mulch, you can also use shredded paper or cardboard to cover your lawn from intense heat.



Summer heat can take a toll on your lawn and damage the lush green appearance. However, with the above tips, you can keep it hydrated despite the scorching summer heat. 

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