As we bid farewell to the warmer months, our thoughts turn to winter. When it comes to a commercial property, you may be wondering whether you need to make preparations for the changing of the seasons.

Do you want your property to look its best all through the year? Ideally a commercial property will look nice by retaining a pop of color during those cold winter months. Even though it’s about to be the holiday season, there’s no reason that your landscaping has to go into hibernation as well.

Make the most of your budget so that you can have a stunning landscape no matter what the season!

Planting Winter Annuals

Winter annuals are plants that can complement your landscape every year. They won’t die out with one season, so they are great for practical planting that you don’t have to do again (unless they sadly die). Pansies and violas are a popular choice and look great in any landscape. Add kale or cabbage plants if you’re looking for something unique. Snapdragons are another great choice.

Trying to Plan The Most for Your Money

Stretch your money by finding affordable annuals that will last through winter and remain stunning on a year-round basis. Pansies and violas are going to give you a real bang for your buck. Get them because the colors are gorgeous and the plants are affordable or explore other options!

Good Plants for Color for Fall and Container Plants

Try out dianthus, a plant that has a lot of color. You can pair it with pansies or violas in purple, blue, or yellow too. You can also add container plants in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. You can also move them, a huge plus, and add entrance color or place them in other spaces where they can be appreciated!

The Right Time to Install Plants

The beginning to middle of October is the most popular time to fall plant. On the whole, you want to have planting wrapped up before turkey day arrives!

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