Does your property’s landscape have curb appeal? This type of aesthetic appeal does not only benefit businesses and office buildings but home properties too. A good landscape design can make a property look nice and raise its value too! This could mean selling it for more down the road.

Home owners have the ability to put in the effort and generate some real curb appeal. Check out these tips for giving your home some curb appeal– making it more attractive, inviting, and thus becoming more valuable.

Good landscaping, a healthy lawn, and overall positive appearance makes a difference! How can you increase the aesthetic of your property? Read on and find out!

Keeping flower beds maintained.

There’s nothing worse than a flower bed that is run down. If there are no flowers, plant some! Don’t let it sit barren or full of weeds as it is unattractive. Freshen the mulch and keep the whole look maintained, not neglected.

Update your mailbox.

Get something that is not tacky and is classic and new. An updated mailbox is a small element but contributes nonetheless! It’s also a big step up from an old or rusting mailbox which will certainly detract from an otherwise polished aesthetic. As it is a small cost it’s not that much to upgrade and increase curb appeal.

Keep the lawn mowed and neat.

A neat and healthy lawn is a huge part of any property aesthetic. Make sure that your lawn is growing well and has no weeds or bare patches. The color should be a uniform green. Use a lawn care company if you must! Make sure edges are neat and not encroaching on walkways or other paved areas.

Keep walkways and driveway intact.

Replace or repair any cracked stones or pavement and remove weeds or grass that grows over time. They form a huge part of your home, so make sure your pavement and walkways look new and fresh.

Clean up the hardscaping.

These are the landscaping components that are not alive. Hardscape can include stone walls, decorations, benches, and fountains. They are in the elements so make sure that they are cleaned up or removed or replaced if this is not possible.

Pruning of shrubs and trees.

Every few years or so, pruning must be done. Are your trees and the shrubs overdue for a trim? Then arrange one or take care of it yourself and get things tidy again!

Use design lighting.

The proper lighting makes your home look sophisticated and well lived in. Go online to get good ideas and inspiration for good design lighting you may want to employ.

Consider the layout of your landscape.

Your landscape needs to have a pleasing and inviting element. Consider the big picture of the property and whether you like your design or if it is detracting from potential curb appeal. Make sure that the door has a distinct and clear path. A good landscape is tasteful, clean, and gains you more value instead of taking it away.

Contact Cerullo Landscape  experts to find out more about how you can generate the most curb appeal possible for your property.