Keeping your lawn in a pristine condition during summer can be challenging. This is because many people step on the grass, and the sweltering heat isn’t kind on vegetation either. 

As the summer nears its end, here are some useful lawn care tips to prepare for the Fall. 


Plants lose a lot of water during the hot months through evaporation. As a result, most homeowners tend to water them throughout, which might sometimes do more harm than good.

Ensure that you regulate the amount of water you give to your grass. The recommended amount is one inch weekly, as it is sufficient to keep the lawn strong and healthy.


Keeping your soil aerated ensures that fertilizer, oxygen, and water reach the grass’s roots. The best way to aerate your soil is by choosing a mechanized aerator that punches holes into the ground and removes plugs of dirt. If you have a huge backyard, you can hire a contractor to aerate it for you. 


Healthy roots are vital to the growth of grass. This is why it is essential to apply fertilizer throughout the season. Fertilizers compliment natural nutrients in the soil and strengthen the root system, allowing your grass to grow faster and withstand the high traffic and harsh weather conditions. 


Proper mowing is an integral practice in lawn care. When grass leaves overgrow, they block nutrients and moisture from reaching the roots. On the other hand, cutting grass too short exposes the roots to the scorching sun. It is advisable to mow regularly and maintain the height of your grass at the recommended level.

After mowing, leave the clippings as they are instead of raking and disposing them in a bin. As long as the covering is not thick, the cut grass adds useful nutrients to the soil as they decompose. However, if your yard has deciduous trees, it would be best to rake the leaves off because they can hurt the development of your grass.

Weed Control

If weeds grow in your lawn, they will affect the health of your grass. This is why you must apply a herbicide immediately you notice any unwanted vegetation in your yard. Before application, read the instructions to know the right time to spray the chemical for the best results.


Insect and Disease Defense

Taking proper care of your lawn is not the only way to keep your grass healthy. You must also invest in protective measures against insects and diseases. Although you can opt to do it yourself, it is better to hire an expert because they better understand your lawn’s unique needs. 



Although it is tedious and time-consuming, taking care of your lawn is crucial to maintain your grass’s health. A well-maintained yard also improves the aesthetic appeal of a home. 

If you are on a budget, you can implement the tips mentioned above yourself. However, experts guarantee the best result because they have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to get the job done.