Spring is here, and summer’s just around the corner. You know what that means, landscaping season!

It’s the time to consider what works about a property and what doesn’t. Commercial properties are what help you make your money. Your home landscaping may be very nice, but it’s the first impression that a commercial property makes that is going to invite clients in or make them think twice about doing business with you.

It may seem shallow to put so much effort into enhancing your commercial property’s landscaping, but not when you consider that judging a book by its cover is actually a smart move. People say to not do it, but then there’s also the saying “if it quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck”.

People may look at brown grass patches or a lack of plants or a bare foundation and give you the benefit of the doubt. Or that may be the only thing that they have to go on.

Think about how you would judge a business with a poor exterior. You may think that if they can’t take good care of their lawn and property, then they are surely going to fail to be able to take care of you. Or they don’t make enough money to afford landscaping and lawn care. Or they just are indifferent to things. All of these are bad signs that may add up to the loss of a client.

Evaluate your property.
Look for plants that are not doing well or need to be trimmed, and also try and visualize what you would like as well. Do you have too many decorative plants or too few?

Get a consultation now.
Landscaping design professionals start to get busy as soon as spring unfolds, and they only get busier as the season goes on. Get an appointment in as early as possible because time slots may just be filling up one by one.

Consider if you’d like to add anything.
Some grounds are decorative while others allow for some employee relaxation time or outdoor seating. Now’s the time to install a seating area, patio, game area, and more so you can enjoy it as the season goes on.

Update the signs on your property.
Choose something that is modern if you have something dated. Styles that were in ten to fifteen years ago may be out now, and weather really does take a toll on the signs. Consider whether you can compliment any signage for your business with landscape elements such as colorful trees or blooming plants too!

Make sure your lawn is right.
A green and lush lawn and manicured landscape is always impressive and just looks great.

Add comfortable seating outside.
If you’re going to put so much effort into landscaping, you may as well let people admire it! Put a bench on the porch of your business. People will love it on nice days.

Follow the trends.
There are a lot of commercial landscaping trends out there. Trends can be hot because they’re great ideas or they may just be the latest fad. Research online and decide for yourself what trends you love and which you’ll ditch.