When it comes to your lawn, can a healthy lawn actually be easier to take care of? You may be shocked to find that the answer is yes!

When it comes to lawn care, what you do can help keep your lawn lush and green? Today we’ve assembled some of our top tips for creating a healthy lawn. The healthier it is, the easier it will to be care for.

If you’re a home owner, you likely already have a vested interest in keeping your lawn looking incredible. Want to have all of the top tips out there for yourself?

Then read on and get all of our top tips so that you can use that information to create a greener and thicker lawn that is healthier than ever, requiring less maintenance because it already is hovering at or near a level of perfection. Sound good? Then scroll down and find out more!

Make sure that the blade settings are right for your grass.

When it comes to your lawn, you want to make certain that you’re not cutting the blades of grass too short. Check online to find out what the ideal length of grass should be for the type of grass you have/your area.

Consider getting turf aeration done in your yard.

Turf aeration can actually help your lawn stay lush and healthy as ever and even stay resistant to drought. It does this by easing up on soil compaction as well as letting water, oxygen, and even fertilizers get to the roots and feed them from the most basic level. Soil microbes will also go up, which helps to naturally break down thatch.

Have sprinklers installed.

If you don’t have sprinklers, that could be why your lawn is suffering. Consider getting an automated system installed so that you know your grass is getting hydrated on a regular basis.

Consider getting something like topdressing done to your lawn.

This service allows you to target all of those problem areas while trying to bring lawns back to a healthy status. Whether it’s exposed roots, tunnels from burying creatures, or wet areas, a combination of soil and sand will help keep the ground firm so that its easily utilized and there’s a reduction in any rutting.

Combining this service with aeration may also be helpful. Topdressing is beneficial because it helps to control thatch while providing nutrients to the grass and helping the soil to hold onto them to release later. It also helps to cut back on bacteria and fungi that can cause problems with your soil and lawn as well as insects that can damage your lawn.

Topdressing may also help the turf root system get stronger. It can also stimulate activity on a microbiological level, help adjust pH levels when it comes to the soil, encourage water retention, and improve poor turf density.

At the end of the day, lawns that are healthy require less care to be brought back to life– often in the form of super-strong pesticides or fertilizers that really aren’t that good for the earth. So if you want to save your lawn, follow these tips and see if they work for you!