In the olden days, lawn maintenance typically involved trudging behind a creaky mower for hours on end on a hot Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon. Often, the results were not satisfactory, despite all the profuse sweating and cursing that took place. 

Fortunately today, there are lots of lawn care companies with sophisticated equipment and skilled staff that you can hire at relatively low rates. But before hiring one, you need to understand what kind of services a typical lawn care company offers and what to expect when dealing with them.


Lawn Mowing

Lawn care essentially start with mowing, which is geared towards leveling the grass and generally tidying up the yard. Companies worth their salt will have a variety of mowers – each being good at cutting a certain type of grass. One look at your lawn, and they will know the exact mower to use. Further, they know the right height to leave your grass, depending on factors such as the type of grass, and how you intend to use your lawn.


Landscape Design

Like any other business, a lawn care company would want to leave your yard looking as breathtaking as possible, so you can hire them again. For this reason, most companies have professional landscape designers working for them. These professionals know all the ways of improving the look and functionality of different types of yards and can also guide you on coming up with a custom landscape plan.


Grass and Leaf Blowing

All through the year, the trees in and around your yard will be shedding leaves, most of which will end up on your lawn. Now, there’s nothing bad about having a few dry leaves spread out across your lawn – in fact, it gives it a natural feel. However, if there’s more than a few trees around the yard, the pileup of their collective debris will not only be an eyesore, but may also attract pests and diseases. But then again, removing the leaves yourself can be exhausting as there will be new ones every day. Hiring a lawn maintenance company to do the work is the best idea in such a case, as they often have all sorts of grass and leaf blowers at their disposal, and will typically clean out your entire yard in minutes.


Lawn Health Care

Apart from the traditional lawn care services, modern lawn care companies will provide turf nutrient management on demand. For instance, they will advise on the fertilizers to use to keep your grass long and healthy even in non-optimal conditions. These lawn health care services will often vary throughout the year to account for both the weather changes and varying parasite mating cycles. Admittedly, not every company offers this service, but you definitely won’t have to look for too long to find one that does.


In Conclusion 

Keeping your lawn permanently healthy and pleasing to the eye is both a labor and skill intensive endeavor that will guzzle up your free time. Contracting professionals to do it for you is the best way to achieve your dream lawn while still having lots of free time.