Winter is always a gloomy time for those of us who like the outdoors. But as the saying goes, there is a silver lining for every dark cloud, and the long and dark winter days present an opportunity to try out some creative landscaping designs and ideas. And while the drab, and ultra-low temperatures mean you won’t have much in the way of colorful choices, it’s not all gloom and doom. Below are some amazing winter landscaping tips to keep your property glowing this winter:



Arguably the most favorite bulb in the US, tulips will always deliver, no matter the season. Not only do they come in all sorts of colors (apart from blue), they tell quite a story from how they start off in a teardrop-like bloom, which progressively opens as the plants mature. Apart from having a much shorter bloom season than other flowers, tulips are so bright and cheery that you can’t afford to leave them out of your winter landscaping plans.



If you want to add some fragrance to your landscape, hyacinth plants are your best option. Apart from their nice smell, they also come in different colors, including apricot, blue, yellow and pink colors.

It is however important to note that hyacinths don’t last long, or look good in flower beds. You should therefore invest in flower pots, for a much better display.

Hyacinth are also shorter and susceptible to rot if exposed to unfavorable conditions such as excessive humidity. To avoid disappointment, you are advised to do some research on the necessary conditions, or expert recommendations for maintaining the plant.


Pansies are available in a wide range of colors, including purple, blue, rose, yellow, orange and even white. And just like violas, pansies can withstand long cold spells, which makes them a must have for your winter garden. They are ideal for entryways where their rich color palette can serve as a focal point.

Cabbage and Kale

They’re not exactly the sexiest, or the most aromatic of plants, but in the winter, cabbage and kale can work well as color accents in pansy beds. For one, they (cabbage) are more compact during winter due to the low temperatures, which adds a different dimension to your beds. The two are also quite magnificent bulbs, albeit not as naturally loud or conspicuous as the others on the list. However, you can spruce things up by going for the colorful species, which come in all sorts of deep purple, green, red, or green with white or pink centers.



Violas are quite popular in Atlanta, and a common sight in flower beds across the state during winter. They offer a richer, and more varied color palette, as they do not only come in all the colors of the pansy, but can also be found in additional colors such as yellow with white or violet wings.

Violas offer higher visibility, albeit with a small bloom but are sturdier and require minimal maintenance. They are also more tolerant to cold temperatures than pansies and look super amazing on bed borders and flower pots.