Irrigating can be a great way to maintain any property and help to regulate how much water is delivered to your landscape as well as when.

An irrigation system helps plants stay healthy and the landscape continues to stay vibrant. Plants require water to stay alive and maintain that perfect shade of green (or any other color) that each individual plant has!

An irrigation system that works helps you to maintain that initial investment into your landscape by caring for the plants. After all, keeping plants alive is easier on a budget than replacing them. A system that runs efficiently and has good mechanics is always desirable. When a system has a break under the surface, you’ll find out– on the monthly water bill. Older systems may even cost a lot because they don’t have modern advances even when they are working properly.

An up to date irrigation system has a lot of benefits to offer. They promote plant health while conserving water and also allow you to not have to hire human staff to do the job or rely on sprinklers. Get proper watering and keep your investment secure!

Your irrigation system is one of those things that lets you control how great your landscape looks but also controls your budget. So, how can you irrigate without draining your budget at the same time?

Get better spray heads

The older that a spray head is, the more of a chance there is that it’s going to have some problems. They can even be a safety hazard if the heads are protruding and have a higher risk of breaking as well. These days there are many types of spray head configurations and designs, so go online and check out the many modern options available to you!

Integrate a ‘smart’ irrigation controller

A smart irrigation controller lets you put information into the system. This can include your zip code, the type of plant or soil it is, and the days it’s going to water. Some controllers may even have rain sensors that only release hydration to the soil when it’s needed!

Try not to water landscaping too much

An irrigation system needs to address watering needs for different plants. Mature plants do not require as much watering as younger plants that are just getting started– be sure your system is designed and operates accordingly!

End water waste and puddles

Puddles on a property is a no! It means your plants are getting over-watered and saturated– not good for their health. If this is the case, audit immediately and renovate to find out the issue. Wet spots, puddles, too much water in a landscape is not going to be good for your plants.

Help your irrigation system last longer

If you need to make your system last, then make sure you are getting it maintained properly and repaired when it needs it. Older systems do fail eventually, so you may end up needing a new system whether you want to upgrade or not.

Investing in your irrigation system is an investment in your landscaping and the beauty of your commercial or residential property. Keeping a system up to date and making sure that it’s not leaking are good ways to make sure that you’re not spending more on water than you need to.

You may see a return on your investment eventually, depending on whether it’s updating parts or an entire renovation or installment. Obviously the bigger jobs take longer to pay off, but also consider how much that landscaping cost you– and how you’re maintaining that investment by efficiently keeping it alive! The good news is that with small jobs, the money you save in a couple of months should be your return on investment.

Full renovations can also be completed in stages to spread out total cost and keep your return on investment speedy. Whether you would want to break it up like that is up to you and may depend on your budget. However, irrigation systems always eventually provide that ROI with water savings and more.

Check your system now before the heat of summer gets into full swing! An irrigation system audit should be done roughly every five to seven years.

If you reside in the Nassau County area and would like a licensed irrigation technician to come and audit your irrigation system, Contact us today if you’re looking for a Commercial Irrigation System or have any questions and find out more!