Are you someone that takes great pride in your lawn? When it comes to dealing with the yard, an automated sprinkler system can help you keep your grass alive and have a green lawn that is lush and thriving!

That is, if your sprinklers are working properly. Home owners or even residential property managers or business renters or owners may find that when sprinklers work right, they get great results.

Want to keep your lawn lush, verdant, and totally healthy? Read on to find out the most common mistakes when it comes to lawn irrigation.

Your lawn sprinkler system is the key to your entire home and property management. Landscape watering works wonders on your lawn when done correctly and can mess everything up when there’s a kink.

Automated sprinkler systems make keeping your lawn and grass healthy and watered much more simple than doing it yourself with manual sprinklers that you have to move or constantly untangling the water hose to try and water the lawn yourself.

Even when you have an automated system, here are some frequent mistakes that are often made while attempting to manage them.

Treating the landscape as one thing.

You may see your landscape as just one single unit, but is it? Your lawn and property may have different climates and zones that are better for or consist of different types of plants. While one has grass and another might have shrubs or trees and shade, each may have their own needs for being watered. So make sure that your sprinkler is covering these zones accordingly.

Accidentally watering too much.

While watering can be a good thing, watering a property or lawn too much can be bad. Too much water means not enough drainage and may cause the roots to rot, causing eventual death of the grass above. An inch a week in deep and less frequent watering may be just what your lawn needs.

Setting and then forgetting.

Forgetting to turn off the water even in the morning can be bad for your lawn. Adjust the timing every so often and be sure to take in account the season, weather, length of days, and when you last watered it. Don’t just set the sprinkler the same way every week and forget about it– a little attention to detail can go a long way.

The modern convenience that automatic sprinklers provide can be massively helpful. Sprinkler technology when it comes to lawns can help make a project that would otherwise consume a lot of time become relatively efficient in comparison.

With more ‘smart’ irrigation controllers popping up and working better than ever, running automated systems to water your lawn can be a great thing. However, you have to avoid common mistakes and be sure that your yard is being watered right.

If you can do that, then you’ll have a green lawn that is healthy and a system that runs great for years to come. Thanks for reading– and if you don’t have an automated system yet, get one!