Are you a home owner that views the winter season as a time to relax? If you have a paved driveway and you live somewhere where it snows a lot, the answer might be maybe not. Perhaps you are the one in your family that takes care of the shoveling and the snow blowing of your driveway. Maybe you are already tired of raking your lawn and preparing your gutters and the rest of your house for winter in autumn!

While most people don’t even think about taking too much yard work on in the winter, the truth is that it can be a good opportunity for it. When it comes to the winter season, are you prepared more for hot chocolate with marshmallows as opposed to trimming the trees or tending to your lawn? You may be surprised to find out that winter’s a great time to treat brown grass and any crab grass infestations that you have.

You can always have the hot chocolate after, and if it hasn’t snowed yet in your area, so much the better. Now’s the time to look at your lawn and if you want to get a little work in before the first snow of the year (or before the snow comes back), then that’s going to give you a head start on your lawn when it comes to the spring.

As always, if it is cold out in your area please layer up and wear gloves and hats and any other thermal protection that is needed. Be safe and if you feel like you want to save it for another day, then do that. Renovating a lawn begins with raking the ground, exposing the soil. You want it to be able to germinate new seeds.

Level your lawn as well through covering low area with soil. You can also seed the lawn if you need to or just work on certain patches of grass. Add fertilizer and cover seeds with humus. This will keep everything protected. In a few more weeks, the seeds will start to grow. Do this towards the end of winter and not the beginning though as your seeds will simply freeze.

Want to tackle crab grass during the winter? Get it now and you’ll cut back on what you need to do in the spring when the crab seeds germinate. You can also rip out any remaining crab grass. You may also want to treat the areas with some type of deterrent, which requires a professional.

Believe it or not, winter is also a good time to get some pruning done. Trees and bushes as well as rose bushes should be pruned during the flowering season. Trim any overgrown branches or thin them if you want to boost production for fruit trees. Clean up any plants and get rid of dead leaves, blossoms, or branches.

A landscape contractor can help you with all of this if you don’t know where to begin or don’t have the time! Winter is a great time to get a lot done before spring arrives, so do work now to make your landscape pop later. You’ll be glad you did!