With winter fast approaching, getting your lawn prepped up and prim for the cold season is absolutely necessary if you want to keep it healthy during this time. At Cerullo Landscape & Irrigation, we offer several lawn maintenance services to help you care for your lawn during the winter. These include:

  • Fertilizing
    This is one of the most crucial aspects of lawn maintenance. In case you have grass that does well in the cold season, we will apply a potassium-rich winterizing fertilizer that will nourish the active roots and make them more resilient once the winter weather sets in. However, we would highly advise against fertilizing warm-season grass after September since this is likely to generate new growth that will be damaged by freezing weather.
  • Aeration
    As part of our lawn maintenance package, we will aerate your lawn to allow water and nutrients to be absorbed by the roots faster. Aeration helps to prevent the soil from becoming too compact, which can hinder the flow of water and nutrients and negatively impact the health of your grass.
  • Overseeding
    This service helps to prevent the growth of weeds and enables the grass seeds to germinate during the spring. In addition to this, we will look for patched up spots on your lawn where you can reseed in order to keep your lawn growth uniform.
  • Weeding
    We will get rid of any weeds that are growing on your lawn and also apply herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds in the spring.


What does winterizing your lawn mean?

The practice of winterizing your lawn allows you to prepare your landscape for the cold season while also keeping your plants healthy during the spring. Applying fertilizer to your lawn in the fall is very beneficial because plants are responsive to the temperature changes and daylight hours. Once the cold season sets in, the growth of grass slows down and the plants shift their food reserve from the leaves to the roots. Keeping your grass fertilized in the fall, therefore, provides them with enough stored nutrients to survive on during the winter cold. 

When should you winterize your lawn?

The best time to winterize your lawn is during the fall since the warm air and cool soil create the right conditions for your grass to thrive and store up the nutrients needed during the cold season.


When should you fertilize your lawn for winter?

We recommend that you fertilize your grass twice at separate times. Ideally, you should apply your first fertilizer in September and the next towards the end of fall when the leaves have reached their peak color.

Is it okay to fertilize after frost?

We would strongly advise against fertilizing your lawn after winter sets in since this can cause serious damage to your grass. When fertilizer is applied when the frost has begun it can lead to root damage and chemical burns, which may cause your grass to die out.


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